The Gold Coast have numerous species of Termites foraging underneath the sandy soils, but our most feared species commonly found are:

termite1Coptotermes Species  & Schedorhinotermes Species


Termites Will Cause Structural Damage Beyond Repair
In Less Than 3 months.

Termites are consistently foraging underneath the ground looking for food and moisture. Termites do not stop searching for wood to destroy. When you see live termites in your fence or a tree stump in the yard, please don’t assume that they are just happy eating the fence as they will need more than your fence to feed the billion of family members to survive.

While termites are found in many locations around the world they seem to be more abundant in subtropical areas.  These insects prefer to dine on wet and decaying wood that is often found in these warm humid regions.  While they are helpful in forests, they do billions of dollars in damage to homes and other structures each year, especially in an area like the Gold Coast.  Termite control can be accomplished in many ways in order to prevent the damage from occurring.

There are more than 2000 species of termites in the world today.  However, the most common are the subterranean from here on the Gold Coast and drywood termites.  Drywood termites are generally found in coastal regions further North of Australia .  These termites form colonies in the wood they infest.  In addition to wood, they eat all forms of cellulose and can even eat books.  Treatment of Subterranean of termites is generally accomplished by treating live termites , did you know Subterranean termites are right here on the Gold Coast . Termite Colonies are usually found in the soil outside the home, although Termites also nest inside Homes. Where subterranean termites are found or likely to be a problem, barrier treatments or baits are much more effective.

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A Termite’s nest could be 150 metres away at the neighbours house and still attack your home!   I’m sorry to say – the old saying the Termites are happy just eating my fence is very far from the truth.  Best to leave termites alone and call a professional company like – Gold Coast Termite Protection Company 07 5576 2602

Reducing the Conducive conditions around the property can help reduce the chances of an attack, but will not stop an attack occurring.

Conducive conditions commonly found around houses are:

  • Any moisture against the house
  • Air Conditioning and hot water overflows that release water against the house.
  • Gardens, shrubs and trees against the house
  • Loose timber debris on the ground or in subfloor areas
  • Timber fences, Decks, Pergolas in contact with the ground and the house
  • Untreated timber fences and gates, landscaping timbers and retaining walls
  • Tree Stumps
  • Covered Weep holes
  • Rusted gutters

Reducing most of these conditions will help, but to Protect your Gold Coast home, you’ll require Termite Protection.


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Termites activity at a Gold Coast Property