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Termseal Termite Barrier

Termite Chemical Control Systems

A Termite Barrier is a system or chemical application to prevent Termites attacking a property. See below for the combinations of options available.

Please Note:  Making a decision on the right Termite Barrier is best discussed with a Licensed Technician to be sure the system suits the type of structure you wish to protect. The Gold Coast  Termite Protection Company look at the structure, then decides on the system best suited.

Physical Termite Control Measures

A Physical Termite barrier is installed during construction, normally used on new homes or  extensions and is usually organised by the builder during the building process.  A physical barrier is installed prior to the slab being poured and the options are:

  1. Install protection to the Service penetrations like Electrical and Plumbing pipes that are penetrating the slab.
  2. Combine the slab penetrations and a full sheet installed under the entire slab.
Physical Barrier - Perimeter Installation

Physical Barrier – Perimeter Installation

Both options 1 & 2 acceptable as per the Australian Standards AS3660.1. A barrier on the perimeter of the property is then installed once the slab is poured, then if needed prior to external walls for any paths, pavers , landscaping features that may cover the perimeter physical barrier inspection zone.

Chemical Termite Barriers

A chemical barrier is installed within the soil usually on existing property’s for protection of the Perimeter of the property.  Although some property’s may require internal drilling of joints in the slab eg where extensions have been completed and a physical barrier was not installed during construction. Chemicals used during this process also play an important role in the protection as far as the longevity of the chemical. A chemical barrier is a repellent chemical that Termites sense whilst traveling through the soil  and avoid the treated area.

Chemical Barriers/treated Zones

Chemical Barriers/treated Zones

Completed Barrier/treated Zone

Completed Barrier/treated Zone

Chemical Treated Zone

A treated zone is using a Non Repellent Chemical that Termites do not detect when foraging through the Soil and they walk straight into the treated soil and die. It’s noted that with some non repellent chemicals that there is a transfer effect back to the nest, so termites travel into the treated zone and transfer the chemical back to the nest. Some of many Chemicals that are currently available  are – Termidor and Premise.

Our Termidor Termite Control Accreditation

Termidor Accreditation

Delivering the Chemical with a Reticulation System

A reticulation system can be used on new homes under the slab and to the perimeter of a property on existing homes. A Reticulation system must be used on homes in Queensland if using a Chemical as per Australian Standards AS3660.1. Reticulation Systems are also a great way to apply a barrier on new homes and extensions when a physical barrier is not the best practical application. One of the many reticulation systems available is the Altis Reticulation System which we use a lot.

Reticulation System – What is it?

A Chemical Reticulation system delivers liquid chemical to the soil that lies beneath the soil and concrete. It is designed to deliver chemical at any given time without having to remove soil, remove pavers, cut concrete or drill concrete.

Attention: Builders for New Construction – If you prefer to use chemicals on a property during construction in Queensland then you’ll need to install a reticulation system in conjunction with the chemical to comply with As3660.1-2000.

Building an extension and pouring against the existing brick work?  Your best option is a reticulation system. The Reticulation system can also be used in conjunction with a Physical barrier.  Combing systems is at times is required to get the best effective barrier to suit the construction.

IMG_0477 IMG_0478 IMG_0480


Not every system or barrier is best suited for all constructions. We use Termseal and Altis Reticulation Systems – these get us out of trouble on all constructions.

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K400 Chemical Flow Meter

The K400 chemical flow meter is hooked up to our injection rod which is connected to the tank where the chemical is held, so when we the injection rod is triggered we know the exact quantity of chemicals that travel through the hose ensuring the correct amount is applied as per the chemical label. Being unsure of this process could mean an inadequate installation which could lead to termite attack. And that would not be good!

K400 Flow Meter

K400 Flow Meter


TERM-seal Termite Protection

Termseal is a termite management system that is deadly for termites and safe for the environment. The Termseal range of products include coatings, sealants, barriers and sheets. The Pest Company is an accredited agent for Termseal products.


TERM-seal Perimeter

Termseal Perimeter

TERM-seal Pole Plate – Sub-floor Bearers and Joists

Termseal Pole Plate - Subfloor bearers and joists

TERM-seal Wall Sheeting

Termseal Wall Sheeting

Termite Monitoring & Baiting Systems
 Termite Interception and baiting Systems are used to pick up foraging Termites.  They are not considered a barrier but in their ability to protect a property “if installed and monitored correctly” act as a barrier to protect homes from Termite attack.

Kordon Termite Barrier Accreditation

The Kordon termite barrier is sold and backed by Bayer

Bayer Termite Barrier Accreditation

If your property has a Kordon termite barrier system in place Gold Coast Termite Protection are now accredited inspectors of the product. We are available to carry out annual warranty inspections. Bayer’s 10 year warranty requires the property to be inspected at least annually and failure to do so may void any warranty so ensure you keep up the annual inspection. Bayer’s 10 year manufactures warranty will expire after 10 years so if you call TPC your property may apply for an additional extended warranty ‘conditions apply’ call us today for more information.

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