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Termite Inspections Are A Must

You Never Know Where Termites Are Hiding

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The Facts :

If Termites are attacking 1 in 3 houses on the Gold Coast then the reality is your home is very likely to be attacked if it’s not protected,  so a regular termite inspections are a must.

As said by industry leaders – there are 2 types of property’s on the Gold Coast – One that has been attacked by Termites & one that will be attacked by Termites.

Live Termites damage homes beyond repair, devastate family property and leave home owners with an expense for damages that many can’t afford.

Protecting a property from termite ingress is never an easy solution but it can be achieved!

If a property has or has not got Termites the process for protection may differ due to the following reasons –

  • Construction methods of a property is the first step in a decision for protection. Homes differ in construction making some Termite Barrier systems ineffective in their protection method. This is why its critical to engage a professional company that offer multiple solutions like Gold Coast Termite Protection.
  • New Homes  – Protection during construction:   Is the property in the planning stage as a new dwelling or going through the planning stage for an extension, either way this means a Pre-Construction barrier is required in Queensland that is in accordance with Australian Standards AS3660.1-2000
  • The Type of surroundings around the property come into account when choosing the right Termite Protection method   –  concrete paths, ponds, drainage concerns,  Pools abutting the external walls, houses that have a zero boundary line, Units and Duplexes that are joined together, there are a massive amount of what ifs, unfortunately one system will not always complete the protection.
  • Soil surrounding the property
  • Home owners budget

Regardless of any system on-going maintenance is required , Termite Inspections are considered an essential part of any system installed. Recommendations are standardised by the following –

Australian Standards AS3660.1-2000 & AS3660.2.-2000  & AS4349.3

Termite Barrier Product manufactures

Termiticide  Chemical Labels

Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Building Code of Australia

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Exterra In-ground Termite Stations Installed To Protect Your Home

Exterra Inground Termite Stations

Exterra In-ground Termite Stations Installed On A Local Gold Coast Property

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